We connect content creators, brands
and digital audiences, all across Asia,
with content that matters.


The Asia Folks is a Singapore-based Creative Marketing & PR Agency.

We connect brands with a diverse geographic segment of customers all across Asia, through original content that matters. The Asia Folks’ forte lies in effective engagement, and propagation of strong brand awareness through unconventional and powerful content that resonates influentially with the desired audience.

What we do

How do we create content that matters?
The answer is simple: collaborations.

What we do differently from most other creative marketing and PR agencies is that we leverage our extensive network of connections (established partnerships) in various regions within Asia: Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and more to come. These professionals possess rich and diverse experience in the media industry, effective content creator marketing, and running successful startups. The Asia Folks is structured such that the Singapore office serves as the headquarter, supporting operations regionally. Our regional partners serve as talent management representatives, supporting all clients with their localised network of talents.

Why work with us?

We add substantial value to your campaigns.

A central issue that brands typically encounter is the lack of engagement with their target audience. Production materials are often of desired visual quality - however, they tend to fall short in resonating emotionally with the customers. Our content is the solution to this prevalent concern. Vernacular content is at the early stage of actualisation in mainstream social media. Much of today's social media content will be outmoded if they fail to adapt soon. Creating relevant content that is localised is thus crucial for engaging digital audiences outside of the marketer’s home ground. Thus, we are here to venture into this untapped opportunity and help brands take full advantage of this emerging trend.

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