Solving a business challenge

Many brands face the same challenge as Maybelline New York: building an authentic connection with young women that results in sales. Brands in China use gimmicks, trends, and celebrity partnerships to show generation X women that they understand them. Maybelline New York went beyond its usual new product launch with its Lip Flush Oil launch by expertly bringing together engaging content with the new marketing tactic – live streaming. 

Using live stream to bring the product to life

The new lipstick generated a lot of excitement among young women after Maybelline announced its newest spokesperson, Angelababy. Seeing her put on the lipstick, they left comments like, “Her lipstick is so pretty,” and “I want that color.”. When watching the live stream, viewers were able to add the product to their shopping cart with one click. A pop-up window of the live stream would also be displayed to anyone searching for Maybelline on Taobao during the event.

Overwhelming success

  • Close to six million people watched the live event.
  • Maybelline sold 10,600 Lip Flush Oil lipsticks, breaking its lip product sales record on Taobao at 10 times the daily average.
  • For the first time, Maybelline was able to adapt its creative and media investment with insights generated directly from the event.
  • Instant feedback showed that P03 Cherry Pink, C01 Coral Orange, and R01 Cherry Blossom Red were the three most popular shades, and Maybelline adjusted its strategy accordingly.
  • A process that would usually take weeks was achieved in less than one day.
  • During the live event, Maybelline’s online store visits increased 50 percent.

Live Streaming in Singapore

With The Asia Folks, you will be able to create content that resonates with audiences. This entails detailed planning of the live stream concept, who the hosts are, and what the hosts will actually say during the stream. By combining interesting content with technical expertise, we can help you to maximise the ROI of your live streams.

A campaign like this requires expert planning and management from start to end, and even proactive audience management during the stream itself such that the products highlighted can be adjusted according to live feedback from your customers.

Companies in Singapore must adopt new marketing tactics like this in order to stay competitive and bring in more sales and engagement.

Live stream anywhere

Live streaming is growing at an alarming rate everywhere. Your competitors may already be doing it or are close to.

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